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(You need Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run GraphFunc applet in this website)


We use the GraphFunc utility online to find the roots of the following equations:




  1. ,




1.      Begin by going to http://graph.seriesmathstudy.com, and wait for the GraphFunc applet to be loaded into your computer as shown in Figure 1. (Your browser needs to have JRE1.5x installed first before running applet defined from this website.)


Figure 1


a.       After GraphFunc utility is displayed, select Equation Solver item from the Functions dropdown list box. The Equation Solver window is displayed. See Figure 2.

b.      Then enter the expression x^2 3*x + 2 in the text field with the label marked Enter The Equation:.

c.       Click the Solve button to get the roots, namely x1 = 1.0 and x2 = 2.0.



Figure 2 - has two roots.




2. Follow the same steps described in the above example for the equation. The roots of the equation are depicted in Figure 3.



Figure 3 The equationhas three roots.




3. The solution ofis depicted in Figure 4.



Figure 4 - The equation has many roots. There are seven roots found over the domain from x = -10 to x = 10.


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