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The purpose of Series Math Study (SMS) website is to explore and develop the beauty of series formulas that have connections to special mathematical constants.  Some series can be used to calculate ever more accurate values of some special math constants as the desire that has challenged mathematicians for many centuries.

Welcome to SMS

Brief Notice - We are no longer going to support this website after 2012. All the information on this website will be kept as it is.

Special Finite Series



Special Arctan Identity


where x is arbitrary.



The sin function of pi/35 obeys the identity


Special Sextic Equation

where a, b, c are real or complex numbers and a ≠ 0. One of the roots of the special sextic equation is found as shown below 



The solution of the equation is 


16x16 Magic Square



 In pure mathematics the most complicated identities are often the simplest ones.
Both have similarity of calculation measured by nature of numbers but different in forms created by man. (T.V.)