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Frequently Asked Questions


1.   Can I use the materials to distribute?

Yes for those in United States and remember to list the references. Please check your copyrights at your country if you are living outside the United States.


2.  I Get the Error Messages When I browse on some pages or Login into SMS website

The problem may be the old files, which are stored in your browser's cache in the Temporary Internet Files folder, cause the conflict with the current pages on SMS website. You need to clear your browser's cache and try to browse or login again.  Clear your browser's cache:

  • If using Internet Explorer, do the following steps: Click on Internet Options -> Open the General Tab -> Click the Delete Files button.
  • If using Firefox, do the following steps: Click on Tools -> Click Clear Private Data -> Click Clear Private Data Now button.


3.  Why do we stop supporting this website after 2012?

Currently, we have only one person, who was a former student, to work on developing formulas to support this website on weekends.  That person has other works and activities recently.  We have to stop supporting this website for awhile, and we will resume our work at some time in future.


If the links are still broken after clearing your browser's cache, please use this form to tell us about the error.  Thanks for your helps. 


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