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About SMS

About Series Math Study

(independent; part-time)

Series Math Study (SMS) is a non-profit and a personal Web site founded by Tue N. Vu and Tom N. Vu (T.V.) in 2005. The purpose of SMS is to explore and develop series formulas that have connections to special mathematical constants.  
We, SMS, work on exploring and developing math series.  Each time a series or a group of series has been developed completely, it is posted and listed in date order on this Web site.   More related series can be found in the Series Outline section, which consists of Random Series and Series SummaryRandom Series is a place where it keeps all math series without classifying to a specific type.  Series Summary is a SMS's part in which it keeps the math series in relation to the dates posted on this Web site. 
On be half of the SMS, thanks for using SMS, and especially thanks for the constructive suggestions and helpful comments.
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