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Finite Series in Connection with Apéry, Pi Constant

The n-th partial sums below are true for each positive integer n.


  •   (I)



  • (II)


The notationsandin (I) and (II) represent the special values of a new generic formula that we define it as an extensive notation from Hurwitz zeta function [1*] for n-th partial sum as follows 


where s and a are complex variables with Re(s) > 1 and Re(a) > 0.


When n tends to infinity, the extensive notation [2*] is then expressed as



Special Case

  • n = ∞:

In the limit as n approaches to infinity, both series (I) and (II) converge and its values are


, where is Apéry's constant.





  • If we put n = 2, both sides of (II) are equal to 29/31752, namely




 (November 26, 2009 - Happy Thanksgiving)


For any positive integers m1, m2 and m3,




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[1*] Hurwitz function,, from Wikipedia resource.

[2*] The purpose of our website is to show a beauty of series.  We introduce a new extension of the notation of Hurwitz zeta function for n-th partial sum because there exist such series (I) and (II).  We share our results on the internet.  The acceptance of this notation is the work of other men.


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